Parallelogram Interactive is a belgian videogame development studio run by one man. Pierre Arthur Lejeune is alone for coding, programing, global dévelopment, write the story and the music.
Early video game enthusiast, Pierre Arthur Lejeune fell in love with video games thanks to the Tandy TV Scoreboard (Pong like) from his dad, then Mario Bros. in 1985 on Famicom.
That was the beginning of a long odyssey through pixels fascination.
After taking Harvard CS50 course (without finishing it!), Pierre Arthur Lejeune decided to follow his biggest dream, to create videogames and to found a videogame studio, on his own ! (Because hard is the new easy)
You may already know him as a musician, leading projects like Terror Terror or The Oslo Deadtrash Project, or as “The guy who influenced LCD Soundsystem and bankrupted his label, searching for a particular sound, like Kevin Shields before him” (Sic Magazine).