Developing a game alone is not easy, it takes all your time and all your money. It’s good to know that a cool game can cost between 80 000 or 100 000 euros to be done correctly, but it’s also true it can cost a lot less money if you have ideas, savoir-faire … and help !

> TIER 1 : 5 000 €
This is the step that will allow me to finish the game and get some help by hiring another programmer/graphist to make a better game, faster and elaborate a better product and a better promotion.

> TIER 2 : 10 000 €
The second step is the ultimate one, allowing me to develop a better game with better weapons and a better story + a VR version of the game. That means you will get a normal + VR version for the price of one ! The VR development has already begun but it’s a lot of work ! Survive the white hell on HTC Vive, Occulus Rift and every other VR headsets. Pleasant, right?

A 3D game with complex mechanics and a relevant plot needs a lot of work, that’s why i need you for help in the making of BLANK. You will make all this possible and the dream come true, plus you will get the chance to get the game at a lower price than when it comes to global release later on Steam and even obtain special rewards.